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Native American History

The Echoes of Washita: Unveiling the Lost Legacy of the Ouachita People

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The Ouachita Valley, with the meandering Ouachita River at its heart, is a testament to the enduring presence of the Ouachita people. The name ‘Ouachita’ itself derives from the Washita Indian tribe, who, along with other Indian tribes, shared the lands along the river. This geographical connection further underscores the significance of the Ouachita people’s historical presence in the region.

Blood Quantum Laws Unveiled: Tracing Their Origins from Census Enumerators to Government Policies in the Story of Indigenous Identity

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Delve into the tangled web of history as we unravel the intricate journey from census enumerations to the divisive Blood Quantum Laws. This immersive essay scrutinizes the profound impact of these laws on Indigenous identity, laying bare the complexities of cultural erasure, colonialism, and their enduring legacy in the United States.

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