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Colonial Legacy

Liberty, Identity, and Unity: A Unified Call for Justice and Solidarity in the Quest for Indigenous Identity and Rights

In the heart of our struggle for justice and unity, the story of the Ouachita Yamassee Creek Muskogee Caddo Nation unfolds—a tale of resilience echoing through Indigenous history. Rejecting the reductionism of Blood Quantum Laws, we emphasize that Indigenous identity thrives in culture, language, and community. United against systemic racism and cultural suppression, we advocate, reform, and engage in cross-border dialogue to empower every Indigenous voice in reclaiming heritage and restoring justice. In unity, we find strength, determined to dismantle the legacy of Blood Quantum Laws and reconnect with our roots.

Blood Ties and Divided Dynasties: The Khitan Liao, Song, and Jin Dynasties

As the Khitan Liao Dynasty, the Song Dynasty, and the Jin Dynasty grappled with their familial and regional conflicts, they also had to contend with the interests and ambitions of colonial powers. The interactions and rivalries among these European powers, combined with their imperial aspirations, had far-reaching consequences for the region. It was in this era of shifting allegiances and colonial intrigue that the dynastic divides in China and its neighboring regions became further entangled in the global web of imperial ambitions and geopolitical interests.

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