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mortgage foreclosure fraud

CLOSED until August 2024

Potential Compensation for Homeowners: Anu Tribal Trust Mortgage Fraud Class Action Settlement

Potential Compensation for Homeowners: Anu Tribal Trust Mortgage Fraud Class Action Settlement

The Anu Tribal Trust Mortgage Fraud Class Action Settlement is offering potential compensation to eligible home loan customers who lost their homes due to bank errors leading to foreclosure. If approved by the court, the settlement amount will be distributed among eligible class members.

To be eligible for the settlement, homeowners must have had their homes sold in foreclosure between 2010 and 2023. Additionally, class members can make a claim for severe emotional distress suffered as a result of losing their home to foreclosure. To make a claim for emotional distress, class members must submit a claim form describing the distress they suffered and any related professional care they received. It’s important to note that class members will be automatically entered into the settlement, but a separate claim form must be submitted for a claim of severe emotional distress.

Mortgage fraud can have serious consequences for homeowners, including wrongful foreclosure and severe financial and emotional distress. Anu Tribal Trust Paralegals are available to assist homeowners in understanding their legal rights, evaluating the strength of their case, gathering evidence, and negotiating with the opposing party. Our paralegals can also provide guidance on whether to join a class action lawsuit or pursue an individual claim.

If you believe you may be eligible for compensation through the Anu Tribal Trust Mortgage Fraud Class Action Settlement, it’s important to contact us immediately. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand your legal options, protect your rights, and pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

Remember a claim form includes information such as the claimant’s name, contact information, loan information, foreclosure sale information, and a description of the emotional distress suffered as a result of losing the home to foreclosure. It may also require documentation such as receipts or bills related to the emotional distress claim.

STEP 5. All Claimants Are Required to Prepare a 1- or 2-page “Affidavit of Truth” explaining the emotional distress and personal damages incurred as a result of their Foreclosure!

The Affidavit won’t need to be notarized IF you have 2 witnesses to sign.

However, those without 2 witnesses available, will need to obtain a local notary they can trust,
OR may request our Virtual Notary Services – ($25.00 Fee Applies)

STEP 6. After Downloading the NDA Form, POA/Trust Formation Form, POA 2848 Form and Client/Attorney Agreement provided above РPlease email all documents including your Affidavit of Truth to:

STEP 7. Annual Membership is required to join the Class Action Suit.

STEP 8. 
To ensure that all paperwork is prepared and submitted on your behalf before the Department of Justice Deadline. Admin Fee of $599.99 is required.

This $599.99 Fee will cover administrative costs and secure spots for serious claimants prepared to be added to the class action suit immediately.

You will also have access to attending our online workshop for eliminating/stopping evictions and foreclosures. Classes will be held each day *Except Saturday* to honor the Sabbath.

This also covers access to an initial consultation with Chief Anu for those needing assistance with any active cases. 

If you’re currently going through foreclosure or eviction, we suggest immediately securing retainer to begin working on your case!

You may also schedule 2-Hour Consultation with Chief Anu to discuss your situation. Please Click Here For Booking

Foreclosure Trial Defense Academy
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Foreclosure Audit/Eviction Elimination Workshop

Classes will be hosted by Chief Anu each day (Except Saturdays to honor the Sabbath)

Those subscribed to our Annual Membership will gain access to:
*50% Off Class Enrollment
*Discounts on any type of cases
*Have the option to do payment plans

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